Who We Are

The Little Prints is a Nashville-based solo-project, dedicated to aiding and abetting musicians and artists and people in their online endeavours. I can help the less-than-web-savvy connect with whomever they desire to be connected to more easily and more cheaply and more awesomely. I do that in two ways.

Social Media Interwebbing Workstuffs

I want to help artists grow their fanbases organically. I do that by setting up websites and email addresses and mailing lists, Bampcamp pages, Rootmusic pages, Facebook Ad Campaigns, Topspin Accounts and Campaigns, Wordpress websites, Tumblr accounts... You name it.

Making Stuff to Sell and then Selling that Stuff

I have loads of experience printing and coordinating the production of t-shirts, stickers, buttons, and posters. I specialize in helping musicians on very small budgets print a very small amount of merch for a low price. Secondly, and not any less important, I find a way for bands to get their products online to sell, whether they be physical or digital. I can set anyone up to sell their products directly to their fans and teach them how to use different platforms to distribute their art so that they won't need me anymore.

Back home to that cute little picture of Le Petit Prince wearing the Experimental Jetset Beatles t-shirt.

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